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Author Topic: Uncharted Waters 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection
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Post Uncharted Waters 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection
on: June 30, 2021, 12:17
(There's a broken file in here that I can't seem to get rid of, just skip over it, it's a weird situation where Groove attempted to make a No Man's Sky screenshot the album art for UW3, it doesn't exist anymore but insists it exists. Addendum: broken file is gone.)

Well, this here's ultimately a bit of a big deal personally. I'd been following Daikoukai Jidai IV HD ever since it was announced, all the way to release. It had a Special Edition in Japan containing a soundtrack collection with music across the entire series, something I'd bought nearly on the spot when I discovered it was a thing. Sadly, the game never did get any English release, and the Steam page is region-locked (quite stupid if you ask me). That being said, UW4HD isn't entirely the main focus here.

This soundtrack collection was an absolute joy to have in my possession, but nearly right from the start, when I'd ordered the game, I'd planned on uploading it to so every other fan that could learn about it would be able to listen to it all. Yet, me, alongside the others who helped with this, refused to simply release it untouched like the person who managed to release it before I did. No, this needed far more care put into it. Many of the track names were purely in Japanese, or what was translated was erroneous and lackluster, not to mention inconsistent with what we had in the few translated games we have.

So what was to be done? Start from scratch in many instances. Translations needed to be done, and that was simply not something I was capable of. Yet I had wonderful friends who have aided me with the UW3 Documentation project. And they were who truly allowed this to happen. They translated track names where necessary, even if it required looking for the original Japanese track names in the instance of UW3. And yet, there's truly something to behold here. Thank you, Ryusui and nanyanglad.

UW1 and UW2 are their Arranged OSTs, which are fairly easy to obtain online. Most translations remained the same there, outside of small changes such as with the term "Moslem", which can be considered derogatory when we looked up the term.

UW3's OST took quite a bit of work, as the official translations on the CD were not only erroneous, but plainly didn't entirely line up with the Japanese track names. nanyanglad took care of the work once we found the Japanese track names online, and Ryusui backed it up. The YouTuber Alkahest (who sadly recently got his channel taken down, he did quite a few extensions on music tracks from across the UW series and other series) helped me nail down which tracks were erroneous and get those fixed.

UW4's OST was already pre-translated due to other purposes that concerned Alkahest's plans to eventually extend that OST, those translations were done by Ryusui and were used here.

UW5 and UW6... these are games that, sadly, we will never get to play, as they were mobile games taken down at the end of March of this year. And yet, their music will live on here, thankfully. UW5 reused a lot of UW4's OST, but UW6's score was all original, being strikingly different from any other UW game to date, outside of a few exceptions in Uncharted Waters Online's OST. I'd imagine this is one of the first times it's been given the light of day outside of Asia, I highly recommend listening to it. These translations were done by both Ryusui and nanyanglad.

UWO's OST... this was all in English, though it was English that wasn't consistent with our terminology. A majority of the work here with fixing it to English UWO's terminology was done by me, but Alkahest helped in the situations where I wasn't as sure, being tracks that, even in my years of playing UWO, hadn't heard much of or wasn't sure where they played.

I'd once again like to thank Ryusui, nanyanglad and Alkahest, for this simply would not have been possible without them.

I apologize that this took awhile to get out, I'd posted this earlier this month but forgotten to get it posted in here.

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Post Re: Uncharted Waters 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection
on: February 3, 2022, 14:14

Wow good job for gathering all this together with the help of your collaborators!
I'm very happy to listen to this. I'm a big fan of "Uncharted Waters : Special Edition" soundtrack. I see that these tracks come back in this compilation, along with many surprises from the first Uncharted Waters.

The mp3 tags are looking great, the file names are still using the generic "Track 01" names, but hey that's not a big problem at all.

Thanks for sharing here, because I really don't know where else to look for informations about Uncharted Waters...

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