Joao Franco Walkthrough

by Greg | March 21st, 2011

joao francoThe son of Portugal’s Duke Leon. An adventurer who travels around the world to find the secret of Atlantis.

Leadership: 78
Courage: 82
Seamanship: 75
Swordsman: 82
Knowledge:  73
Charm: 89
Intuition:  85

Skills: Negotiation Skill

When you go to your father’s house. Joao is sent on a mission by his father Leon to find “The secret of Atlantis”. Joao has $1000, (an aquamarine tiara given to him by his mother Christiana when you visit the house between 10 and 12pm), a Latino Caravela (when you visit the shipyard) and a rapier (when you visit the Item Shop) to begin his journey. He can sell the tiara and equip the rapier and use the money to remodel his ship to minimum crew and 0 guns. He should also begin donations to the Round Earth Society. Ten times ten percent investments will bring good luck. Early donations will also take less gold, since he has little money.

He stocks his ship with maximum provisions and assigns the crew to 100% sailors. The Round Earth Society asks that he takes Professor Enrico Malione (Sail:1 Battle:1 -Accounting) to Zipangu and Joao accepts with the condition that it may take many years. Enrico agrees and signs on as bookkeeper. Rocco Alemkel (Sail:30 Battle:32 – Gunnery/Celestial Navigation) is sent by Leon to accompany Joao and turn him into a sailor. Rocco is “The Old Sailor” from Uncharted Waters. Butler Marco is the first mate recruited on Uncharted Waters and still serves Leon in this game. Save the game here!!!

On the first voyage from Lisbon Domingo Manana appears as a stowaway and is given a job by Joao. Joao sails northwest to find the supply port on Forel. Restock with food only. Continue west until land is sighted then turn north again. You must bear north and west around the point of land then turn east at the ice cap. A village is discovered at the extreme north east corner where you disembark and give food until friendship equals 65.

Save the game at this point. You will find the Saber toothed Tiger (when you don’t find this, load the game in Lisbon and go along the Nile to find all the discoveries there, because it could be possible this discovery isn’t chosen randomly at the beginning of your game). discovery and lose two members of your crew. You must plunder the village for food. (If additional men are lost, restart.) Sail and disembark at the closest coast south of the ice and “Search” for water. Load water equal to the amount of food on board then sail west and south to clear the point then head south for 5 – 6 screens. Turn east when you start to speed up and dock at Bordeaux.

Turn in the discovery at Bordeaux to Professor Mordes and collect $100,000 (when you have done the Nile job, it will be less, around $35,000). If you have too less money you can boost this by trading between Athens and Istanbul or do jobs at the guild. Look in the shipyard for a used sloop or LaReale. If these ships are not available here, save the game and sail to Nantes (north) or Lisbon and Seville to find one (if there isn’t any here, wait till the next month). Be sure to buy 5-7 balms at the Item Shop before leaving Bordeaux.

Once a ship is found and outfitted (dragon figure, crew – 50, no guns), load 300 arms from Lisbon and take to Timbuktu in Africa and trade for ivory. If you have $14,000 available, sail to Seville and rest until 2am, then visit the guild and purchase a Basterd sword. The King may start to asks favors, don’t listen to this.

Take the ivory to Amsterdam in northern Europe and buy “Cartographer” skills from Mercator (around $50,000) and sign a contract. Buy glass beads (200) while in Amsterdam and return to Africa.

Travel down the coast and discover villages up the river by Luanda. You will lose some crew at the river village so stop by Luanda for crew and provisions.

At some point in a pub (when your adventure fame has reached the 2000), Rocco says the Prince (Alberto) of Portugal has been kidnapped. Joao goes to the lodge and shipyard and rescues Domingo (who is actually the prince) from Pirate Antonio Kahn. A hard to win sword fight takes place here so save the game just before entering the shipyard. Not that it matters when you loose, but you’ll gain battle experience points with it. Catalina Erantzo interrupts to save Joao’s life even if he beats Kahn. She wants to fight Joao, but Rocco tricks her by sounding like Commander Ezequiel and she leaves. They realize that Domingo is the Prince and return to Lisbon.

If in Africa, proceed around the tip of Africa discovering villages along the way. The DODO village MAY be on an island off the southeast coast of Madagascar. Look for this village as the Dodo discovery is also worth $100,000. The first port up, the east coast of Africa is Sofala. Disembark here and trade the glass beads for gold. Be sure and save some money for food for the trip home.

Now return to Lisbon with Alberto and go to the castle, then save the game before entering the Franco house. Here you will encounter Pirate Kahn again in a sword fight. Beat the pirate and you will gain 1000 pirate points and battle level 2. You don’t have to win again, only for the points. If you want to win, you should buy some armor in Copenhagen first.

Go to the palace and save Joao’s father, Leon. Return to the Franco house and tell Leon “NO”, that you would like to continue your sea travels and he gives Joao a Flamberge sword. Prince Alberto will accompany Joao to the dock, then you are free to trade and sail for Bordeaux with discoveries.

NOTE – To finish the game quickly, do not visit the King of Portugal. He will ask favors (bring discoveries) in return for royal titles. Unfortunately, the titles do not add to the adventure points which ultimately win the game.

Turn in the discoveries to Professor Mordes at Bordeaux and sell the Basterd sword at the Item Shop for $10,000+ gold. Buy 2-3 more balms if needed. Sail to Amsterdam to trade and “Report” your sea travels to Mercator. You may deposit extra gold in the bank to earn interest. Also donate at the Round Earth Society. Take more glass beads from Amsterdam around Africa to Mombasa. Withdraw any money deposited and trade the glass beads for gold. Take as much gold as possible to Mecca and trade for carpet. Visit a pub when you have reached 8000 adventure fame and you’ll be warned Catalina is after you. She will appear after some ports, but Rocco will subdue her so Joao can escape. Proceed north to Cairo and discover another village. Return to Mombasa to trade the carpet for gold.

Return to the Mediterranean and search for a “used” Venetian Galeass. Try in Seville, Genoa, Piza, Athens, Istanbul and Alexandria. One of these ports should have the ship. Remodel the ship for 400 crew and 0 guns. You may purchase and moor a used Sloop if one is found while searching for the Galeass. The Sloop is a good ship for long distance travel. Sell the Reale and pick up as many mates as can be convinced. Somewhere here they’ll warn you again, but Rocco will fight her.

This will allow Joao to plunder more of Catalina’s ships because while trying to recruit enough crew for the Galeass.

Equip weapons and assign crew on the Galeass to 15% sailors and the rest soldiers. Sail to the closest port and when at the dock to debark the dock master should ask Joao to “Set him up with Catalina.” This is the clue to save the game as Cat will be waiting outside the port with 6-10 LaReales.

Joao should “Rush” attack her at sea without getting in a duel and will win the battle with the advantage of men. Sell all but one of Catalina’s Reales at the shipyard and reduce men to a small number on each ship. You’ll gain approximately 3 battle levels.

Sail to Lisbon and moor the Galeass and extra ships. Sail to Bordeaux and turn-in the discoveries. Sail to Amsterdam and “report” the maps. If you have more than 23,500 Adventure Fame (or maybe when you just visit some ports, I’m not sure) Ali will appear in the pub or lodge and say that Lucia has been kidnapped by Catalina. Ali asks Joao to find Sapha (his long lost sister) and bring her to Istanbul. Joao goes back to Lisbon to the cafe and talks to Carlotta about Lucia. You SHOULD have lots of money by now, but money comes always in handy…

Joao must sail to Basra in the Persian gulf. It is the farthest port up the gulf. This is where Sapha works at the pub. She will not go with them, so Joao decides to go to Istanbul to tell Ali. Sail to Istanbul and find Ali in the lodge. Tell him about Sapha.

Sail around the north of Asia and discover things along the way. (Stellar sea cow) Sail down the coast of Asia and up the yellow river in China to discover several items and ports. Stop at Zeiton to buy a cat, lime juice and some more balm. Sail south through the islands to the top of Australia. Sail east and try to discover the Moa and Moai as you cross the Pacific. Round the southern tip of South America and sail up its eastern coast. (if you have done this already, just raise your Adventure Fame to +25,000)

Sail to Bordeaux and turn in discoveries, then to Amsterdam to “report”. Adventure Fame should be 21,000 + at this point. Sail to Naples if you have $600,000 to buy the Crusaders armor. Go in nay building after you have gained the +25,000 Adventure Fame and you’ll see Ali again. He thanks Joao for finding Sapha and says Joao can find some answers to the secret of Atlantis in Massawa.

On the way to Massawa, stop in Timbuktu (Africa) to pick up the Crusaders sword at 2pm if you have an extra $380,000 gold. Sail to Massawa and look in the Mosque. This will lead you to the palace where you meet Meconbe and Lord Taphali. They tell Joao that Turkey is about to attack Massawa and that the only way to save them is find the Staff of Poseidon. Return to Lisbon.

In Lisbon, Christiana asks Pietro Conti to find the staff for Joao and take it to Massawa. He agrees. At this point, Joao must kill some time as it takes a while for Pietro to find the Staff. One of the most constructive things for Joao to do is to invest in Bristol or Hamburg shipyards. This will make large and powerful ships available. Joao must have extra money for this because it takes (4) $50,000 investments in Bristol to attain 1000.

At this level Bristol will build Sloops, Frigates and Barges. Joao’s favorite ship is a Frigate, but a copper sloop would be very handy for an adventure and the Barge is a much more powerful ship for the final battle.

Joao can sail to his ship building port and invest, then sail to Massawa to talk to Taphli in the palace. This action will start the clock because at each shop in Massawa Rocco asks if Pietro has found the staff and Joao replies that “All that can be done is to wait.” They should return to the ship port to invest again and stop by the African ports for some gold along the way.

Joao should sail to Lisbon and commission his Galeass and recruit (100) crew. Sail to Mecca just north of Massawa and “recruit” sailors to (400). Remember to assign the max percentage as soldiers. Any shop owner in the middle east should ask if they have heard that Turkey has started the attack on Massawa (only when you have killed enough time, otherwise just rest some time). This is the signal that Joao should return to the palace in Massawa then meet Catalina again at the dock. Cat allows Joao to fight the Turks and the game should be saved at this point.

Joao must beat (2) Turkish fleets, between which Catalina interrupts and volunteers to help Joao attack the Turks. Upon returning to Massawa and going in any shop, Pietro shows up and presents the Staff. NOTE-Joao can use the saved game to continue to attack Turks and sell their ships for gold (he will need it), or take the staff to Taphali. If you have bought the Crusader stuff, it’ll be a piece of cake, as they haven’t got that much crew.

Taphali gives Joao the “Royal Crown”. This is one of the lost treasures of Atlantis and worth $150,000. Joao is finished in Massawa and may return to his ship building port to finish investment and build a “Barge” or “Full-Rigged Ship”. At the dock in Massawa, Catalina approaches Joao for revenge one last time.

Enrico interrupts and asks why she seeks revenge and with the help of Pietro they convince her that Joao had nothing to do with her brothers death. She exits.

At the pub in the ship building port Enrico requests to be taken to Zipangu and Rocco says that Nagasaki would be the place to go. Prior to this point, Nagasaki and Sakai are not available to Joao. He should take a fast ship and sail to Nagasaki. Take a mapping route to Nagasaki and discover some items along the way. Joao comments on the beauty of the port and Enrico bids farewell at the dock. This is also an opportunity to make extra gold since silver, pearl and silk are very cheap in these ports. Joao should also buy an “Atakabune” ship in Sakai since this is a good ship for long-range discovery travel.

By the time Joao can return to his ship building port in Europe, his large ship will be ready. He should take this to Lisbon to “Moor”. In Lisbon people will say that Joao has a letter at the Guild. Joao’s Adventure Fame should be 41,000+ at this time. The letter is from Enrico and says cryptically that he has some news about Atlantis.

Joao sails for Sakia (where Enrico now lives) and sees him in the church. Enrico tells Joao that a Dutch map maker named Ernst Von Bohr told him that Neo-Atlantis is in South America up a large river. Joao returns to Lisbon as fast as possible to retrieve his battle ships and recruit crew.

Sail to Cayenne in South America and visit any shop. Rocco first says “Whew, we finally made it to south America, what do we do now?” Joao replies that he doesn’t have the slightest idea.

Joao may have to sail around close to Cayenne a few times and attack Spanish or preferably Turkish fleets. When the time is right, Rocco says some people are running to the cafe. There they find Lucia being held captive by Pirate Rudolph. Joao must sword fight the pirate, and even if victorious, Catalina enters takes over the fight and allows Joao to escape.

At the dock, Lucia explains that she has been captive at Neo- Atlantis on the Amazon river built by Marquis Martinez in violation of the Treaty of Tordasillas. She escaped with the help of “an old man” (Raul Franco). Catalina enters and comments that she has learned that Martinez is the real murderer of her brother and is now seeking revenge on him. She knows that Commander Ezequiel is close by and Joao volunteers to explain the situation to him to allow them all to attack Martinez and his band of pirates at Neo-Atlantis tomorrow.

Upon leaving the port, Joao explains the situation to Ezequiel and Catalina surrenders, then they move up the Amazon and the encounter the pirates. Joao must defeat (1) pirate fleet to win (hopefully for you, it’s a pirate with a flagship that has less than 200 crew, because with the Crusader Equipment, you’ll win the duel anyway). He may now “scrap” all his ships except a fast one and return to Lisbon and his father’s house. His father has heard of Joao’s victory and recommends to the King for Joao to take his place as Prime Minister of Portugal. This is the end of this game.

11 Responses to “Joao Franco Walkthrough”

  1. chaoyun2k says:

    One thing that should be noted is at the start if you re-visit the Round Earth Society they will offer Joao 1000 to help with his journey. At least in the SNES version, if you choose to “donate this to the Society”, Joao’s luck will go to the max. I’m sure most veteran players know about this, but I don’t know who first mentioned this tip.

  2. I prefer the PC version where they actually have Churches and Mosques. Very realistic. But I can understand that they made an alternative to that for everyone in the world to play without any discrimination. Thumbs up for that.

  3. danielkee says:

    This is the most flexible character in the game, have the potential to be trader/adventurer/Pirate. IMHO.

    Enrico can help on trading.
    Put Rockco as the Quatermaster, the Battle is easy with the his Battle Level of 30+, sinks ships fast.
    Joao can learn all skills except Bookkeeping (As no where to learn in game?) , but the Neo skill make up to it.

    Currently playing Pirate rounding up 10 mates with Gunnery skill, go around the world lv up to max seaman skill and built fullridge ships fleet…

  4. chaoyun2k says:

    I have confirmed that in the pc version you can enter the church again and they will have money for you and you get the same options to accept the money, donate the money, or refuse. I don’t know how to confirm the increase in luck at that point on the pc, but I would guess that it does the same as in the snes.

    The thing I dislike about having churches and mosques is that you are not allowed in the one that isn’t associated with your character, based on the story. With the round earth society you can visit those in any port and with any character.

    I always considered Joao as the least flexible character (except at the very start of the game) because of the scripted battles, which are triggered by his adventure fame. I agree that Enrico and Rocco are awesome! I say except at the very start of the game because until you gain adventure fame, you get to do whatever you like and I usually build a fortune and a battle fleet. I do almost the same thing with Pietro, but he does need to go from Genoa to Lisbon for the best start.

  5. i done everything until the part that Enrico is supposed to request to travel like what this walkthrough had said. He’s not doing it and im like stucked playing for nothing, can anyone please help me out with this problem if you’ve encountered it as well?

    • I think you have to accumulate a certain amount of fame points before he will want you to take him to Japan.

      • man, this is bad. i’ve already sailed the entire world map, and maybe except the saber tooth, i think i’ve discovered all villages even those deep in south america. 🙁

        • Mark Erickson says:

          Maybe you should’ve gotten Cartography before leaving Europe. If you did, I’m surprised it’s a problem still. It takes 30,000 Fame In Adventure to be up for Enrico going to Japan, and 40,000 to be up for the story ending. Maybe you’ll have to try some Collect Debt missions.

  6. Here is a tip to get money with Joao . When the first month has passed return to your home and buttler Marco will give you 1000 gold coins in the name of Joao mother . I did it a night whit less than 5000 gold coins . 🙂

  7. Another way to get money early in the game is sailing with no money and no trade goods , then talk with pirates and let them to capture you . When he finds out that you have nothing he give you some money!!!

  8. Mark Erickson says:

    Instead of being in any hurry to make discoveries, I like to try to get Joao some rank by fame in Trade or Piracy, to bulwark against discovery consumption later. Unfortunately, for him it’s really hard. Other Portuguese fleets run by Ropao and others are so good at getting new ports for Portugal, they’ll probably take away Joao’s reason to invest in new ports. And strange as it seems, King Manuel may order him to attack an Italian fleet, even though Portugal and Italy start with good relations according to the Guild(ask Country Info). Joao had better not do that with a Letter Of Marque, as that will hurt his relationship to Portugal and accelerate his worsening hostility with Italy.

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