Hidden Treasures

by Greg | March 21st, 2011

Sometimes you do a favor for your king and you have to find him something, so this article is about these hidden treasures that can’t be bought or sold. Next to the price is the character I found the treasure with (even though they can be found with any character who goes on such a mission for royalty) Please mail me when you find new treasures – keep in mind that these items can’t be found when they are not asked for! Plus, these treasures don’t have standard places that they show up, e.g. they are randomly placed on spots where normally a village exists, but just not on that particular time you play the game.

Dark Crystal
A crystal ball with a blue shadow in the center, measured 6 inches in diameter. Though it seems to have been used for astrology, its true purpose is unknown.
Price: Can’t be bought, King Favor. (Joao)

Gold Medaillon
A golden medaillon that may prove the existence of the legendary land of gold, El Dorado. It has a distinctive gold relief, crafted by the skillful hands of Incan artists.
Price: Can’t be bought, Pietro Conti finds it along his story.

Obsidian Lithograph
A semi-translucent black lithographed slate inscribed with indecipherable ancient letters. Possibly, it was used for magic.
Price: Can’t be bought, King Favor. (Joao)

Poseidon’s Staff
A staff representing the power of the lost continent of Atlantis.
Price: Can’t be bought, it is given to Joao by Pietro Conti.

Statue with Eyes
A mysterious looking statue with three eerie eyes made of ruby, sapphire and diamond
Price: Can’t be bought, King Favor (Ali).

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  1. chaoyun2k says:

    I don’t know that these are in all versions, but here are some others:

    Gold Mask – Gold mask once used for festivals in a kingdom that disappeared 2000 years ago.

    Jade Table – A small table made of jade. Measuring 12 inches long and wide, rumor has it that long ago it was owned by a mad king.

    Pot of Fire – An ancient earthenware pot decorated with a pattern of flames on the outside.

    Sword of Destiny – An obsidian sword with a gold handle inset with gems. Nicks mar the surface of its blade, but it’s still incredibly powerful.

  2. Tejster says:

    Choayun2k if you want to find more i can play now would you help me to do it here step1: disscover 43 villages in the game if you discovwr almost all villages its harder too find the others so ask you collector the rumor once yur done you must have no rank firstsave the game now you must be a pirate kill yur friend and it says ur loyal too piracy good your rank must be gone note your fame in advnentuermust be more than piracy and trade you could drcreace it by goin to the guild go take the transort goods buy goods to stop fame in trade and do pirate and give up on the mision you will lose the fame now go to another country work for that king as yur fame in adventure is most he will ask you to find vilages but you found all the villages so he will ask you to get those special items like golden mask can you try that plz!!

  3. Mark Erickson says:

    It’s unfortunate that there aren’t really that many Hidden Treasure items. That means not many King Favors can possibly be this kind of mission, so even a very lucky Fame In Adventure-moved character has little room to escape sacrificing precious discoveries.

  4. Mark Erickson says:

    Say, I wonder if we should call Hamid Lal, a possible pirate enemy, himself a “hidden tresure” in a way? I was looking for an appropriate spot to post this. If you have good sailing level and 10th or better battle level, Hamid Lal might say yes to a Hire while other pirates would say “not looking for a new job.” But then, he still appears to sail from Caracas, with a fleet that duplicates yours! I think I have it figured–this Caribbean-dwelling pirate is Koei’s way of paying tribute to Disneyland’s “Pirates Of The Caribbean” ride. He’s a strange ghostly pirate who can duel you as your mirror image, replicate your fleet, or work for you and fight you at the same time. have fun with him if you can figure him entirely out! Beating him in a duel when your ship is a Full-rigged, Barge, or Tekkousen means you can seize another such ship, which is much cheaper than buying another one of those 3 ships.

  5. Сизинцев says:

    The name “New Horizons” means finding of new events, it concerns also the hidden treasures. I, as well as many here, have extensive idea of game. Many new events occur later a large number of years, or under end of a plot of the character, for example, 20 years of game later.
    The king of any of the states gives a task for search of the hidden treasures, further you have to find the card. In search of cards you can be helped by cartographers, one of them is a little whimsical, its location in Palma port. I remember that it is possible to take helps on finding of subjects which are looked for by different characters in plots from it. I think, by means of it it is possible to look also for new treasures.

  6. Jerry Webber says:

    Don’t forget the Royal Crown which Joao receives when he defects the Turks at Massawa. This one can be sold and to my knowledge is the most valuable treasure in the game.

    Did you notice that Massawa port changes its name after Joao leaves following defeating the Turks?

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