Ali Vezas Walkthrough

by Greg | March 21st, 2011

ali vezasTurkish merchant. Grew up as an orphan in poverty. A twist of fate brings him a merchant ship and a chance to make his fortune.

Age: 19
Sail: 1
Battle: 1
Leadership: 80
Courage: 53
Seamanship: 86
Swordsman: 42
Knowledge: 84
Charm: 80
Intuition: 65

Accounting Skill
Negotiation Skill

A passerby tells Ali that his friend is looking for him. He goes the cafe to see Ladia and the cafe owner tells him to forget Ladia and go see his friend at the shipyard.

In the shipyard Friend Salim (Jahan – Age: 19 Sail:3 Battle:7 – Celestial Navigation/Gunnery) tells him that his father’s ship was found wreaked in the harbor and that the shipbuilder needs $1000 to repair it. They talk the shipbuilder into repairing the ship and waiting for his money while they start their business. He agrees if they will now pay him $10,000. They agree.

They go to the Harbormaster and the Banker and tell them their plan to go into business and they each loan them $1000 in return for repayment of $10,000. At the bank, Banker Radino gives them advice on where and how to trade to riches and they withdraw Ali’s savings ($1000). At the cafe, Ladia also loans them $1000 for the 10 times repayment. The Innkeeper offers to give them “some” money with no need to repay. They have a choice to take it or not. If they choose ‘yes’, they receive $500 free; if they refuse, he gives them a cat (a very expensive “$2000” gift). No other shopkeeper in town will give them money and they cannot leave town until these things are complete. They wind up with $4000 and owe $40,000.

Next, they have to go to the shipyard to get the ship and Ali names it the “Savahni” meaning friends. Go back to the shipyard and ‘Remodel’ -‘Load Capacity’ the ship to minimum crew and 0 guns for $240. Now go to the cafe and recruit (10) sailors without treating and ‘Assign’ 100% of the crew to Navigation. Go to the Merchant before 8pm and purchase 13 crates of carpet at the lowest price by telling him NO to his first price. Stock up with all the food and water they can get for the money they have left and take off for Athens. Salim can ‘Autosail’ to Athens fastest.

Ali can trade Carpet from Istanbul with Art from Athens until he gets enough money to buy another ship. He will probably need a small ship first, so check Athens for a Light Galley. Don’t forget to remodel it and add crew.

As soon as possible, $30,000 – $40,000, bring Ladia her $10,000. When this happens, Ladia promises to find out information about Sapha (Ali’s sister), also Sultan Sulieman II the Magnificent will be looking for him when he attempts to sail at the dock.

Save the game just before giving Ladia her money so it can be restarted to try for an easy task for the Sultan. Sooner or later he will ask for Art or Copper or Carpet, so it pays to have copper and carpet on board before entering the palace. Art is easy to get in Athens. Next, pay the shipbuilder and try to purchase a Xebec or Venetian Galleass. He will give Ali some advice after being paid back.

Continue the trade route between Istanbul and Athens and pay back Radino the banker. When you do, he will introduce Ali to Banker Howell – the president of the Marco Polo bank. Last, pay off the Dock master. You must have at least $20,000 when you enter the dock, because Pietro Conti will show up and ask for a $10,000 loan also. He tells his story and that his sponsor is Duchess Franco in Lisbon, then leaves.

This pays off all Ali’s creditors. He must now increase his merchant fame by allying ports for Turkey. The Sultan will ultimately ask for additional favors (small lots of exotic goods or alliances with other ports). Sail level:3 -Merchant fame: 2500 on June 27, 1522. He has 500 crates of carpet on a Xebec and $40,000.

Just before Ali’s second royal title, the Sultan says, “I wish to see you on some particular business”. The Sultan will explain Turkey’s roll in the world picture and request that Ali expands the Ottoman empire with alliances. To do this, he gives Ali (50) gold ingots ($500,000) and a free Tax-Free permit for the Ottoman.

When Ali makes alliances with (2) ports, the Sultan requests his presence. The Sultan’s requests are good ways to add to Ali’s Merchant Fame.

December 28, 1522

Sail:7 Rank: Baron Merchant Fame: 13,142 Gold: 100 ingots +

Approximately the next trip to Istanbul, the dock master tells Ali that Ladia has a new boyfriend. They go the cafe and Ladia introduces Joao Franco. He says he has a piratess after him named Catalina. Ali volunteers to replace his sail with Joao’s to throw Catalina off if Joao will look for Sapha. He agrees and they leave. Catalina accosts him outside the port, but lets him go when she realizes that he is not Joao.

After several alliances, the dock master says that Ladia has something to talk to him about. He goes to the cafe and Ladia says that Joao has left word that Sapha is in Basra. Ali must go to Basra and talk to Sapha, but he can’t convince her to come to Istanbul with them and that he is her brother. Salim falls head over heels for her and they leave and travel back to Istanbul to tell Ladia.

Next, the dock master in Istanbul tells Ali that Radino the Banker is looking for him. In the bank in Istanbul, he tells Ali that he has been transferred to the head office and must go the Venice. He wishes Ali and crew to take him there. They agree and at the bank in Venice, they meet Howell again. Howell tells them that he has loaned Pietro Conti some money and he wants Ali to get it back. Pietro also owes Ali some money so they agree to find him and collect. They must go to Lisbon and talk to Duchess Franco to find out where Pietro is. She gives them 60,000 – 80,000 gold for telling her about Joao and then tells them that Pietro is in Zipangu (Sakia).

When they return to Venice, the bank will take 40 of the 210 ingots given to them by Pietro. Keep allying ports at every opportunity.

They must now return to Istanbul and see the Sultan. He will give Ali (100) ingots to continue his travels. He may also asks the Sultan for gold and ships at each visit. See the Sultan a second time before leaving and he will request another favor.

Ali may store some of the money he is making in several ways. He can buy Venetian Galleasses, remodel them and MOOR them at Seville and Istanbul with 800 lots of gold on board. He can also purchase the Rune Blade, Crusader Sword, Crusader Armor, and Errol’s Plate. Treasure in Timbuktu is also a good investment such as the Crown of Majesty and the Ruby Scepter.

When Ali’s Merchant Fame is 40,000+, the dock master in any port will tell him that the Ottoman Empire is causing much hardship throughout it’s domain and he accuses Ali of helping this cause by the alliances he makes with ports. Ali has a hard time believing this.

When this happens, they can return to Basra and visit Sapha again. This time she calls him brother and agrees to return to Istanbul with them if Ali will take Rustem the orphan with them. They return to Istanbul to tell Ladia and they come up with the idea to start an orphanage. They need a house and Ladia tells them of the house in Istanbul that Howell owns. They travel to Venice to see Howell and he tells them that he wants a lot of ingots. This may vary due to the amount of money Ali has by then. It is 500 ingots plus the amount of cash you have. It would be smart to buy tons of gold, so Howell doesn’t know you actually have that money. It saves a lot of time completing the game.

Now the money that Ali has saved to buy the house. By Sept 1522, he should have 800+ ingots, or more than enough to meet Howells price. After paying Howell, they must return to the cafe in Istanbul to end the game.

6 Responses to “Ali Vezas Walkthrough”

  1. chaoyun2k says:

    At the start you can return to the bank and borrow an additional 1000 which will need to be repaid with interest. It is a good investment because it boosts your starting capital by 25% and you don’t have to pay the bank 10 times the money, unless you wait a really long time to repay the loan.

  2. danielkee says:

    You can actually pay of all the debt after 1st round trading, if you are playing SNES version with emulator. I personally use ZNES.
    Using the save state function (F2) save after you have win the 1st bet at 500 gold, when the gambler ask u if double or nothing. play it and win again, save. If lose load back. In a few minutes you can get 100k gold out of the game in no time.
    Well, I’m just saying that you can “out-smart” the game this way. Anytime when you run out of gold just gamble it away~ That is if you hate the trading part of the game…

  3. chaoyun2k says:

    I never thought of doing that, but then I don’t hate the trading part of the game. The downside to doing that is that you gain a lot of trade fame by paying everyone off and that is what triggers Ali ‘s events. I like to save that fame until I have built a fleet, gained some mates, and at least gotten the cartography skill for Ali.

    That also means that the Sultan will want to see you and since ranks are useful for larger discounts at the market you may have to do some tasks for the Sultan sooner that you want. I would think it is more difficult to get an easier task if you are in the port already. It seems to me that those tasks are determined when you enter the port, but I could be wrong about that and I just had some bad luck with getting a different task.

  4. Mark Erickson says:

    By the time I have Ali talking to Master Howell about buying the house, I will have 4 Tekkousens modeled for trading(with appropriate names like the “Great Yen” and “Lotsa Yen.”) Then I minimize how much he has to pay Howell by giving all he has but 5,000 GP to the Round Earth Society. After he says “No less than 500 Ingots,” you’re turned right over to the bank clerk and can immediately withdraw 30 ingots of trading money that he didn’t count you as having. Then, each Tekkousen can comfortably carry 700 lots of goods. I buy 700 Carpet, break it up and sell 350 Carpet & buy 700 Art, then 350 Carpet & 700 Art again. Then on return to Istanbul, break the loads up again and progress to 700 goods on each ship. Then exchange a total of 2800 lots of goods each port landing. That usually gets me near that 500 ingot mark with a month of trading not even half over yet.

  5. I must say Mark, everything you’ve been sharing lately is very impressive. Thank you.

  6. Aden Santika says:

    Ali is my favorite character to play. He’s the only character who can master all skills. Keep on engaging in battles, and he can get enough courage score to learn Gunnery.

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