Pietro Conti Walkthrough

by Greg | March 21st, 2011

pietro contiItalian Adventurer. Roams the world in search of treasure and the unknown to pay for the debt his father left him.

Age: 33
Sail: 4
Battle: 1
Leadership: 84
Courage: 53
Seamanship: 80
Swordsman: 61
Knowledge: 75
Charm: 81
Intuition: 87

Celestial Navigation

Most of the merchants in Genoa accost Pietro for money until he goes to the harbor. The harbormaster (whom he also owes money) tells him that his friend (Camillo) is at the pub.

In the pub, Comrade Camillo Stefano (Battle:2 Sail:3 -Celestial Navigation, Bookkeeping) tells Pietro that Duchess Franco has agreed to pay their debts to work for her. They are suspicions but under the circumstance have no choice.

Camillo has a ship Pietro names the “Falcon” (Caravela Latina). You must go to Lisbon where they meet with Christiana.

The Duchess asks them to bring discovery reports to her and she will reward them. Pietro is suspicious and she admits that she also wants them to spy on Joao and report his condition to her periodically. They agree and she gives them $5000 and takes care of their debts. She also gives him a telescope and sextant that used to belong to Leon Franco.

Remodel the capacity of the Caravela to minimum crew and max food then take off for the “Saber-toothed Tiger” discovery. Camillo suggests that they head for the Nile river for discoveries, but the faster method is the Tiger. Safe first in Lisbon, the Tiger could not be in your game, then do the Nile anyway. Then bring the discoveries to Butler Marco in Lisbon and be rewarded. Use this to purchase a Sloop or LaReale. Bordeaux usually has used Reales for sale. Don’t forget to stock up on Balm (10) while in Bordeaux.

Next, stock glass beads (Amsterdam) and sail for Timbuktu. Discover any village along the way and trade the beads for Ivory. This will get you some money to not be bothering about that anymore.

Return to Lisbon with the discoveries, then go to Amsterdam in Northern Europe to sell the cargo and purchase cartographer’s skills from Mercator. Sign a contract with him to gain extra fame and money.

Sail for Africa again and search the villages you come round. When you’ve attained 10,000+ adventure fame stop in any African port and go into the pub. The barkeeper will tell Pietro of the “Gold Medallion” and El Dorado then offers to sell a map to the medallion for $2000 gold. Buy the map.

Ignore the Governor-General of Italy if you wish to play the fast game. The Governor will request discoveries, which will take Adventure fame points in return for Italian Rank. Which is useless.

When you’ve done some more discovering, go back to Amsterdam, at Mercators’, save the game. Mercator can locate the map for you, but it’ll cost you 2 gold ingots. By saving the game you can write down the location and restart to avoid paying the price.

Find the Medallion and discover villages along the way. Turn in the discoveries and maps to gain fame. Pietro may need to take a trip around Asia to gain more fame. During this trip, make money by trading at ports and gain fame through maps and discoveries. After finding the medallion, Camillo asks to see it when you’re at the harbor. They admire the workmanship and vow to try to find El Dorado.

Head back to Lisbon (turn in your new discoveries), Marco says the Duchess is waiting for him. She introduces him to Joao who requests that he find the Staff of Poseidon and bring it to Massawa. Joao explains what the Staff is and why he needs it and Pietro accepts the challenge. At the dock, Camillo asks how they will find the Staff and Pietro says that something will happen on the way to Arabia.

At any port in the middle east, at the pub, the owner will tell them that the Fortune Teller in a port in the back of the Mediterranean (Jaffa, Alexandria) can tell them more about the Staff. Pietro can trade goods for gold by stopping by the east African ports to make money.

In the Mediterranean, the Fortune Teller will tell them to return to a pub in the middle east.

In the middle eastern port, the pub owner gives them a map (after a long speech) which they can take to a Cartographer and again save the game to find the coordinates of the treasure (if you don’t recognize the location on the map).

Pick up the staff and any discoveries along the way and bring it to Joao in Massawa. He will be waiting in the pub. Pietro asks him for information about El Dorado in return and Joao agrees then exits.

Go on gaining adventuring fame, and after reaching 40,000+ you will meet Ali Vezas at the dock (in Lisbon, where you probably reach the 40,000) and tells Pietro that Joao has asked him to find Pietro and tell him that El Dorado may be in the “Golden Country” of Zipangu (Japan). Pietro decidesĀ  to go there and see.

In Japan, you must sail to two ports, Nagasaki and Sakai. At the dock in the second port, Ernst Von Bohr shows up and tells them that he has not heard of El Dorado either, but that their best bet is in South America around the Equator. In Cayenne, at the dock, an old man (Raul Franco – Leon’s father) walks in and falls on the floor. He tells them the story of Neo-Atlantis and that he has been prisoner there for 10 to 15 years. Just before that he had discovered the legendary city of gold “El Dorado”. At El Dorado he had taken a medallion and given it to some villagers. Pietro’s medallion turns out to be the same one! Raul promises to draw them a map to El Dorado and they take Raul back to Lisbon to the Franco mansion to finish the game.

6 Responses to “Pietro Conti Walkthrough”

  1. chaoyun2k says:

    Another option is to keep Pietro in the Mediterranean and do a little trading until he can purchase the Cartography skill. All cartographers pay the same, at least in the SNES version, and a completed map can be worth about 40,000 fame and about 633,000 gold if you wait to leave the Mediterranean until you have the skill. Pietro doesn’t need all of that fame and you are gaining most of the gold later in the game, but if you sign with the cartographer in Palma you can maximize his fame and gold from the completed map. You can get enough gold from trading almost as quick as getting to and from the Tiger discovery, not that doing so uncovers that much of the map in terms of fame and gold value.

  2. danielkee says:

    Pietro can do trading, just put his 1st mate Camillo to be a bookkeeper~

    do the Gold Silver trade and get rich fast~

  3. chaoyun2k says:

    I just finished a completed map in two games on the pc version and there is a huge difference in the money and the fame you get from the completed map.

    In the pc version the maximum for a completed map seems to be under 300,000 and the fame around 18,000.

    I started the game by trading Art and Carpet and by the end of July I had over 2 million in gold with one ship, which was more than enough to explore the world.

  4. I found supplay port medallion but no event on there,.. can u give me tips or trick? XD or just head back to lisbon after find medallion?

    • Mark Erickson says:

      After Pietro finds that medallion, there’s a boost in fame in adventure with a dialogue in the harbor he has with Camillo, but that can only happen when leaving from the harbor of a normal port, not a supply port.

  5. Mark Erickson says:

    I like to keep Pietro in the Mediterranean and go for a real challenge–fighting the Turkish merchants’ absorption of Italy’s ports. After meeting the Dutchess, go right to Madeira, buy 30 Sugar than 30 again if I want a total of 60 lots(390 GP each time, being less than 500 GP, leaves market prices unaffected), then sell only 5 at a time in Santa Cruz nearby(a bit tedious, but necessary to keep the profit margin). That usually means before June is over I can make it to Ragusa and afford a 15,000 GP market investment, enough that in July I can start exchanging Dye with Venice’s Glassware, and counter-investing in nearby Pisa & Naples. If I’m persistent and lucky, Turkey may give up on Italy and start being after Spain or England instead, and I’ll have a huge chunk of Fame In Trade giving me early royal missions that don’t devour precious discoveries.

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