Otto Baynes Walkthrough

by Greg | March 21st, 2011

otto baynesAppointed by King Henry VIII to the Royal Knights in a secret mission to defeat the Spanish Armada.

Age: 25
Sail: 10
Battle: 10
Leadership: 92
Courage: 88
Seamanship: 72
Swordsman: 86
Knowledge: 61
Charm: 82
Intuition: 43

Skills: Gunnery Skill

British Privateer

Otto is called to the palace. Sir Gilbert intercepts him and shows his butt.

The King appoints Otto as the Head of the Royal Navy and requests that he build a fleet and defeat the Spanish Navy. Otto accepts.

The King gives him:
1) A royal title (Page)
2) Short sword
3) Leather armor
4) Letter of Mark

Sir Gilbert gives him:
1) 300 gold
2) Caravela Latina

Otto picks up his ship at the shipyard and finds that Gilbert named it the “Idiot”. In the harbor you meet Matthew. Save the game before going into the cafe as a swordfight will take place there with Sailor Matthew Roy. Otto cannot lose this fight, but the outcome makes more sense if he defeats Matthew.

Sail for Seville to “spy” on the Spanish. Go the cafe to find Matthew. He is dinking and doesn’t stop – When drunk, he makes a “plan”. In the harbor you see that Matthew has stolen a ship “the newest Galleon” named “Fools” and they find 10,000 gold in the Captains cabin after they sail from Seville. Assign the crew to 90% soldiers and attack the first Spanish merchant fleet available. (Esteban Ortega) Save the game just before the battle (27 may ’22) and restart the game until Otto wins and plunders a valuable cargo from the merchant such as amber or gold (take his Nao, on the other ships isn’t any cargo). Return to Seville and obtain the Basterd sword at 2 am. Sell the cargo and ship and recruit crew if needed. You must enter Seville at night since hostility is at max. When you enter a building Matthew notifies you that you are being followed. Hire some extra crew (max if possible). Save the game and prepare.

Be ready when they sail because a Spanish battle fleet (Bernal Loyola) will be waiting. Defeat this fleet and sail for Ceuta to sell the plundered ship. (defeating Loyola by duel is the easiest way to do this, you can buy equipment in Copenhagen and Lubeck, the Flamberge sword)

If you are not too aggressive you might meet up with Pietro Conti in a pub right here, but it isn’t necessary to complete the game. It appears only to happen when you have a amount of pircay fame. So if you do not attack too much between this fight and the meet up with Catalina you might see him. Not that it matters when he tells you that the Spanish fleet has lots of gold aboard. (thanks Antonius Eko for this part)

At any shop in port, Matthew will want to drink again. Go to the pub first and then to the dock, the attendant will ask Otto to go to the merchants place to check out some ‘ghosts’. At the merchants they find Andreas and Emilio, the mates of Catalina tied up in a sack. Catalina shows up and challenges them to a duel.

They convince her that they do not work for Joao and she agrees to have a cup of tea with Otto at the pub in two hours. At the pub she relates her story of revenge on the Francos and then leaves.

Otto should defeat a pirate fleet with Venetian Galeass so he can take this ship. (Khayr or Idin) He needs a Venetian or Galleon to attack Spanish and pirate fleets. He may also purchase a Venetian (if you have the gold). Before this you could also just hunt down some average pirates or Spanish merchant fleets (to get more money).

At this stage in the game, King Henry should be looking for Otto. He can see the King and not detract from his game since the king asks him to attack Italian fleets, which will only cost you -1 friendship point with Italy, so they won’t get mad at you. This is how he gains pirate fame and may also attain royal rank. (if you can’t get the Italians out of Genoa, treat them in the pub – see Cheats section for more details).

At about 30,000+ fame, the King is looking for Otto in a different way. He reminds him of his request to destroy the Spanish fleet and tells Otto he thinks he is ready to attack them. Go to the Guild to get information on the Spanish whereabouts. The Guild master tells him that the Spanish utilize a 3-point attack and that their fleets are docked at Nantes, Bordeaux and Seville. Otto and Matthew talk this over and decide to attack the Spanish before their fleets can converge and use the 3-point attack.

Sail to Nantes and you’ll catch a couple of fleets at Nantes. When you beat one, Matthew realizes that the Spanish have departed for the Amazon river. Travel down the African coast and then west to Cayenne. A shopkeeper will tell them that a Spanish fleet has docked at Santo Domingo. (Do not destroy the Spanish fleet before you get this message, otherwise the game will get stuck, as you will never be able to destroy it again)

Go catch this fleet, beat one and head back to Cayenne, since Matthew noticed the other ships went off. When you catch more Spanish fleets at sea -attack-, Catalina appears right away and convinces them to let the Spanish go free. Otto does this (much to the dismay of Matthew) and they sail back to Europe. Crew must probably be reduced to make it back to Europe against the current. (You CAN beat all the ships if you wait for them close to the isle of Trinidad)

You must dock at a European port (except London and find Ezequiel Roberto in the pub. He doesn’t recognize you at first (and you don’t recognize him), then offers to meet them for a show-down in 30 days off the coast of Bordeaux. You must agree and sail around until this date comes. Be sure to have good equipment (whether swordplay equipment or good ships and cannons, and of course enough crew).

Save the game just before the battle since Ezequiel is a tough customer. You, as a real knight, won’t kill Ezequiel, but let him go. Don’t give him a chance to be a knight, as he WILL kill you. Bastard. 🙂 *You can hire him afterwards, just check his whereabouts.

The last act is to return to London and report to the King. Gilbert attempts to defame Otto by telling the King that Otto let Ezequiel escape. Otto defends himself by telling of Ezequiel’s honor and the King agrees and appoints Otto to the position of Admiral of the Royal Fleet.

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  1. chaoyun2k says:

    I’m sure many have done what I did the second time I played the Otto game. I thought it would be a good idea to recruit a few mates on my way to Seville and then I’d be ready to add all of the ships I captured and have a very good start. Yeah, that didn’t quite work the way I had expected. The point is that you are allowed one stop before stopping in Seville without interfering with the scripted event in Seville. Supply ports will not count against the stop, but of course they don’t have mates available. You can get some sailing experience if you are so inclined, or do a few other things if you like, but you really can’t go wrong with getting to the event in Seville.

    • Mark Erickson says:

      Yeah, I noticed that, too, only one stop before Seville unless you want to progress slowly toward being able to do the other events without stealing the galleon in Seville. As it is now, I get Antione Fitch and Lawrence Edwards while still in London, then my one other stop is Bordeaux, so I can add Jacob Walweik. But after stealing the galleon, I make for Naples, so I can recruit Dante Peleria if I properly win against Bernal Loyola–aim is steadily to seize every possible ship.

  2. Mark Erickson says:

    As far as I can see, the likeable-but-not-necessary event with Pietro in London takes Fame In Piracy in the right range. It needs to be at least 15,000, but not too much over. I’m pretty sure if you keep hitting more fleets after 15,000 and then pass the 20,000 mark before returning to London, you’ll miss out on Pietro(and a chance to seize some gold bars as part of your spoils).

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